Software developers
who don’t speak in code

If you feel software developers speak in code, you’re not alone. Ironically, many software developers feel clients also speak in code. This disconnect creates mistrust and mistakes. That is the past. Redgum has developed a software development environment that breaks down the ‘language’ barriers, producing more predictable and better outcomes.

Who are Redgum?

Learn about our origins, our team and what we bring to every software project.

What do we do?

Depending on the lifecycle of your software development, Redgum provides solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Why develop software?

From developing software projects from scratch to stabilising and extending the life of an existing solution, understand the business cases for custom software development.

Where have we
delivered benefits?

Discover examples of how Redgum’s unique approach has delivered measurable benefits. Listen to what other clients have said about their Redgum experience.

How do we deliver
great results?

Redgum has cracked the code, with a development methodology and environment that is more inclusive and more accountable. Learn how this unique approach will improve the success, as well as reduce the time and cost of your software development project.