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  • Do you have a great business idea and need to talk to someone about the next steps?
  • Do you have the next big software solution – but have no idea what to do next?
  • Are there common business challenges within your industry that can be addressed with the right technology?
  • Are you having troubles finding reliable developers?
  • Do you need help creating an internal application for your business?
  • Is the information within your current systems unreliable?
  • Do staff need to manipulate the data manually or with Excel or MS Access to obtain the right information?

Any good developer can write the code to do what you direct them to, some of them can even make it look good. Ultimately, what you really need is a crew who can question ideas and directions, and contribute to the end goal as part of your team. The real value we bring to our clients, is in our 14 years experience developing and adapting products so that they are well received in the marketplace.

Its more than just writing the software in the first place and walking away. It is continually evolving the product through user feedback, combined with continually researching new technology options, choosing the right ones and then working through the implications so that you don't "lock out" future growth and opportunities.

We have assisted a range of clients with their software/ product development needs. These projects have included:

0010_APS_Cross_Edition_Viewer 0011_APS_News_Paper_Planning_Tool 0012_APS_Newspaper_Plan_Webpage 

  • Newsprint Publishing: Capturing over 80% of the layout market and 40% of the advertising booking market in Australia. Now starting to grow into the US and Canadian markets.
  • Call Centre Management: Winning ATUG Best SME product award in 2000. We enabled call centres to expand from 16 operators to over 200 inside of a year, without having to scale the management overhead significantly.
  • Health and Fitness Management Portal: Working with our client we have developed a portal that allows them to target the HR departments of large corporate and gyms and provide them with ongoing health assessments and critical, engaging feedback to their user base.
  • Freight Management Portal: Working with our client to build and grow a customisable self service portal for their clients. It enables them to sell a "white labelled" job request, with a tracking and reporting portal to their large corporate clients. This has the benefit of making it easier for the customers to book directly and therefore significantly reducing the workload of their internal staff.
  • Aged Care Monitoring: Bringing a world first application concept through to clinical trials.
0020_Ring_Calculator  0025_Health_and_Fitness_Portal  0030_Paint_Quoting_Application 

  • Wholesale Jewellery: Redgum developed a customised online quoting portal for ordering jewellery, which resulted in the company tripling their order rate in just 4 months. In addition, it allowed the owner of the business to step back from being the bottle neck in the quoting process.
  • X-Ray Analysis for Artificial Joint Replacements: Developing and proving a prototype system to match artificial joints into place on an x-ray, enabling our client to demonstrate and prove the concept to one of the world’s largest parts manufacturers.
  • Business Process Management Application: Developing and supporting a product with our partner to enable their large corporate customers to plan and manage their continual improvement efforts and meet their KPIs for change.
  • Customer Modelling Software: Development and continual evolution of a product suite that enables corporate clients to better understand their customer base, match it to the Australian census data and create more appropriate, targeted offerings to their customers, plan better marketing campaigns and identify suitable new outlets and stores.
0035_Continence_Monitoring_System  0040_Volunteer_Management_System  0045_Census_Data_Analysis_Package 

  • Production Line Optimisation Tool: Developing a hand held device which enabled analysts to monitor and optimise production lines and factory floors, delivering large cost savings in process improvements.
  • Rental Car Booking System: Developing a portal that enables customers to compare and book travel and car hire in a single fluid transaction, increasing the volume and retention of customers.
0050_Payment_Reconciliation_Processor  0080_Production_Line_Optimisation   0060_Freight_Request_Portal

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