Software Startups

You have an idea for a software startup business. It’s a game changer.

You can visualise the impact on users of your new software idea. It might change the way they work. It could change the way they interact with others. It might even change the world. The quest you’re asking yourself is ‘how do I go from a great idea to an ideal software solution.’ 

How do you go from a great idea to an ideal software solution?

Simple. All you need is a software development team that delivers. What you are about to find (or have already discovered) is that this is more challenging than coming up with the idea for your software.

What do software and gas have in common?

Investment in software development is very much like gas; it expands to fill a space. Without the right development strategy and process, you can quickly expend all of your resources of software development, leaving nothing for the marketing, sales and support for your solution.

Even if you have experience in the software development space, chances are that you are expending more resources on software development, with less of a return than you could be achieving. Redgum has a solution that eliminates wastage, reducing cost and time overruns.

Is the solution to send development offshore?

Software development is much more than coding. For startups, you need to work with a professional development team that understands the business of software commercialisation. You need them to bring their experience, operating in similar markets with their existing clients to the table.

You don’t want to make beginners mistakes and a team as professional and as experienced as Redgum reduces the chance of this ever happening. The value of this experience, combined with the savings from greater development efficiency and speed to commercialisation are dramatically higher than simply sending your software development overseas.

The value of getting to market faster

First-mover advantage is well documented. It gives you an opportunity to both capture a new market, as well as the imagination of investors. What limits many software solutions having a First-mover advantage is the belief that they need to have all the ‘bells and whistles’ of their software in place from launch. They don’t. What you need is a minimum commercialisation model that will allow you to start benefiting from your investment faster.

Minimum commercialisation model for your software startup

The best way to attract further investment dollars is to demonstrate a minimum commercialisation model of your software startup. If you can demonstrate to investors that you have a working software business that users are willing to pay to access, then future funding becomes that much easier.

A minimum commercialisation model of your software also allows you to make sure that your solution has a market. It also allows you to review the features that are important to your market and adjust your software development priorities accordingly.

Capture your IP

The integrity of your developers is the only guarantee that you can capture the value of your software IP. By working with a highly professional development team, with a solution that documents every aspect of the development process (Redprint™), you both capture your software IP and can demonstrate its value to investors.

Redgum’s Redprint™ solution

Redgum’s Redprint™ solution is at the heart of many successful development projects. It provides startups with the control, accountability, security, and predictability that are essential to a development environment where there is no room for inefficiency. Redprint™ documents your software development at every stage, allowing you to capture and protect your IP. This is something that is often outside of your control when using offshore developers.

Access the best development talent

Software is much less about coding and much more about people. True. You need good coders, but the real development in the software sector comes when you find people who understand your vision and bring much more to the table than technical knowledge.

The Redgum team has more than 2 decades experience in software commercialisation. They also have a team of some of the most professional, innovative and experienced software developers. This is an invaluable resource that you will come to depend on and one that can make all the difference between success and failure.

‘Does my software startup have merit?’

Execution is everything. Your software startup idea probably has a strong foundation. By working with Redgum, you can build on this idea, maximising the reach, appeal and commercial value of your software.

Start the process today by arranging a discussion with one of Redgum’s founding team members.