Mobile app development

Redgum makes it possible to connect your business with a mobile world

Mobile app development is a sure fire way of putting your business solution into the hands of more users. Whether it’s providing mobile access to an existing software solution or building a solution from scratch, Redgum has knowledge and experience to turn even the most complex business processes into user-friendly mobile apps.

Apps that link to existing back office solutions

Making the complex simple is part art, part science. There are countless app developers but few understand the complexity and have the capacity and experience to build solutions that are truly user-friendly. Redgum has such capabilities. Redgum’s expertise in developing highly sophisticated, complex, paradigm changing software solutions makes them ideally suited to such a task. Redgum’s experience in Workflow and User Interface design allows them to develop apps that end users love, which integrates seamlessly with back-office systems.

Apps that link to new back office solutions

Redgum have over 2 decades of experience in developing successful, robust, industry leading software solutions. Creating mobile business apps or apps that integrate customers into your business process is a natural extension of this development process.

Stand-alone apps

Your first priority may be an app itself. Your app may need to work independently from the Internet or access a centralised database or software solution remotely. Whatever your requirements, Redgum can work with you to develop an app that exceeds your expectations and drives end user engagement.