Software maintenance and evolution

A continual maintenance and evolution strategy ensures your software
is always operating at peak performance.

Software is unlike any asset you own. It can always be improved, and if continually maintained can deliver a higher ROI, for longer than almost any other asset you own. The inverse is also true. Software that does not keep pace with the change within your business can quickly become a drag on your resources.

Managed budget maintenance program

To prevent your software asset becoming a liability, Redgum has developed a process that provides you with a capped, managed budget maintenance and evolution model that eliminates expenditure overruns. Redgum works with your team to define a budget that reflects both your development needs and budget constraints, making it practical to continue to incrementally improve your software, based on your current and future priorities.

Visibility over develop process

Redgum has developed a process that provides absolute clarity and visibility around the software maintenance and evolution process. This process ensures that everybody is speaking a common language, improving the efficiency and speed at which changes can be made to your software solution.

Using a proprietary project management solution, Redgum allows web-enabled, secure access to those who are involved in the evolution and maintenance of your software. Your people can input request and receive progress feedback and reports when required. This builds greater predictability and accountability into your software development process.

Capture your IP

It is not enough that you refine your software IP; you must also be able to capture this IP in such a way that it can be protected and evaluated. Redgum’s process documents every aspect of your software evolution and maintenance, allowing you to better protect your IP and captures the value of your investment.

Outsource your costs, insource your control

Redgum’s software maintenance and evolution process allow you to cap costs while still accessing the very best software development resources. This same solution provides you with an even higher degree of control and accountability than is possible with most in-house teams.

Just as importantly, you are provided with access to an entire team of highly specialised software engineers and developers, rather than depending on a much smaller pool of internal talent than you would have with the same budgetary allocation.

What Redgum provides

Depending on your requirements, Redgum offers an ongoing schedule of weekly, fortnightly or monthly development works. They also manage backlog issues and requests. Your team also have the option of meeting with the Redgum project management team to adjust the focus of your software maintenance and evolution strategy.

Although Redgum works with your team to meet critical timelines, they will also help manage expectations by educating key decision makers on the reality of both costs and development timelines for major works.