Custom software development

Custom software development has the promise of changing the way
people work and interact.

Custom software can be developed to fill a gap in the way information is provided and collected. It holds the promise of simplifying how people work and communicate. It can deliver greater efficiency, greater clarity and invaluable insights into how individuals and systems work (or don’t work). Custom software can be designed to reflect an organisations culture or the nuances of specific industries, compliance environments, of geographies.

‘Why isn’t everyone creating their own custom software?’

Many organisations have gone through the custom software development process, only to find that it hasn’t delivered on its promise. Some have started the process, only to have projects fall over, while others have undergone the scoping process and found it too cost prohibitive.

Why some custom software development projects fail

In almost every case, the failure of custom software development projects can be traced back to the processes that were used to initially define the scope of a project and manage the resource requirements. Without the right processes, critical information is lost in translation, resulting in everyone having a different understanding and expectations of what should and will happen. Important details are overlooked and priorities become confused. If you lack a proper universal development process, it also makes it more difficult for software projects to adapt to changing requirements.

How Redgum can dramatically improve your chances of success

Redgum provides a solution that allows you to manage your custom software development project from scoping, through to launch and ongoing software evolution. Redgum’s Redprint™ project development and management solution provides you with all of the resources you need to scope out your project, as well as manage the development process. Starting with a Minimum Viable Product scope, you can ensure your software achieves your primary vision, allowing you to start making a return on your investment. Redprint™ can provide you with a roadmap to continue to develop your software to a point where it achieves its full potential.

Finding a common language to drive your custom software development

It is often said that the IT sector speaks an entirely different language, one that is almost indecipherable to the rest of us. Redprint™ has been designed to remove the ambiguity that leads to miscommunication and misinterpretation of information. The Redprint™ process can be easily understood and empowers your people to become more engaged in the development process.