Decoding the software development process

Custom software development

Custom software can be developed to fill a gap in the way information is provided and collected. It holds the promise of simplifying how people work and communicate. It can deliver greater efficiency, greater clarity and...

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Software project rescue

Recovering from a software development project that has ‘jumped the rail’s’ can be expensive, time-consuming and frustrating unless you have the right support. Redgum’s Redprint™ solution provides you with a clear path...

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Maintenance and evolution

Software is unlike any asset you own. It can always be improved, and if continually maintained can deliver a higher ROI, for longer than almost any other asset you own. The inverse is also true. Software that does not...

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Project Scoping

It’s understandable. You’re impatient to ‘get on with the job.’ You have pressure from others to show progress. We support your enthusiasm to get your project completed as soon as possible, which is exactly why we advise...

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Mobile app development

Mobile app development is a sure fire way of putting your business solution into the hands of more users. Whether it’s providing mobile access to an existing software solution or building a solution from scratch, Redgum...

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Software Startups

You can visualise the impact on users of your new software idea. It might change the way they work. It could change the way they interact with others. It might even change the world. The quest you’re asking yourself is ‘...

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