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Bright Finance

Bright Finance is a Melbourne based Mortgage brokerage. Redgum worked with Bright Finance to create a web-enabled client self-serve solution that keeps customers engaged and drives new business development.

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ThirdBase is a Management Consulting firm that provides process improvement services and software to organisations seeking to increase business performance. Redgum worked with the ThirdBase team to develop software that...

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PB Automation

PB Automation delivers industrial automation solutions and control systems. Redgum worked with PB Automation to develop a software product that encapsulated their 20 years of industry knowledge and consulting experience,...

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Hadrian Logistics Solutions

Hadrian Logistics Solutions provides logistic solutions for organisations operating a diverse range of warehouses throughout Australasia and Europe. Redgum’s custom software has provided Hadrian Logistics Solutions with a...

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Membership management

One of the biggest challenges for the Union movement is acquisition and retention of members. Redgum has created a software solution that changes the way that one of Australia’s largest Unions recruits, engages and...

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News Ltd

News Ltd is one of Australia’s largest and most influential media groups. Redgum has created software for News Ltd, which has revolutionised their sales and newspaper creation/layout processes.

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