As a stakeholder in a software development project, you may not be the loudest voice. However, you still need to be heard. You may have a unique perspective that can have a significant impact on the success of a software project, but you risk being drowned out by management, IT, and countless other voices. Redgum understands the value of your input, which is why they developed Redprint™.

Capturing your input

Your voice will be drowned out if there is no way of capturing your input. Redgum developed Redprint™ as an online software development environment that can work independently of the traditional in-room meeting model. Redprint™ allows all stakeholders to contribute advice to the development, maintenance and evolution of a software solution.

Your input may provide insight into the specific business process, a customer service insight or a barrier that you or your team confront on a daily basis. Redprint™ allows you to add your comments or attach support documentation, allowing your input to be reviewed and prioritised.

Your role in software testing

Whether it is feedback from your people or your customers, the off-line or online testing feedback you provide can dramatically improve both the value and efficiency of your software. Redgum’s online Redprint™ development environment allows for the capture of this data, which can then be used to inform future builds and software updates.