IT Manager

As an IT Manager, you are regularly called on to do more with less. Others don’t understand you have finite resources and a limited internal talent pool to fill an increasingly important role. You can, of course, outsource these activities, but then you risk losing control. Redgum’s Redprint™ allows you to access the very best talent pools for software development while maintaining complete control and transparency over the development process.

Outsourcing risk

Sometimes you need only to outsource the part of the development process that has the highest risk. This could be the scoping of the project or specific builds that need to be completed within a critical timeline or strict budget constraints.
You may simply need an external, independent testing environment with reporting protocols that help keep your project on track. Redprint™ provides you with the architecture and tools to manage all of these processes, and Redgum can deliver builds within agreed timelines and budgets.

Justifying an external development team

Sometimes your goal is to completely outsource your software development and management needs. If you can go to your management team and clearly demonstrate that you can invest less each month in building or updating existing software, and have greater accountability and control over outcomes, using an external development team becomes a ‘no brainer.’ This is the promise of Redgum and Redprint™.

Redprint™ allows you to scope out and manage your project and Redgum can provide you with a model with a clearly defined, month-by-month budget. This approach lets you start and finish builds and updates to your software, without having to micromanage your own people. Moreover, you pay for deliverables, not time.

HR is for HR Managers

Making sure you have the software development resources when you need them is a priority. Engaging in the whole recruitment, onboarding and managing unsuccessful recruits is not a priority. Even if you hire people on a contract basis, people management will take up most of your time. Why? Let Redgum provide the best resources, only when you need them. Let them worry about attracting and retaining the best people. You need to concentrate on delivering a software solution that has the potential of redefining how your business works.