As an investor in a software project, you want to keep your finger on the pulse. You want to know exactly how your money is being used and that it is delivering the best possible outcomes, in the least amount of time practical. This is the promise of Redprint™.

Scoping projects

The majority of software development projects go over time and over budget. They also fail to deliver on their promise. Why? Because of poor planning. Scoping will define the ‘destination’ of a project, but it won’t necessarily determine how you get there. What you need is the ‘architectural design’ of your solution, which will define exactly what needs to be built, how much the build will cost and how long it will take. This is what Redprint™ delivers.

Redprint™ allows your software project to be comprehensively scoped and ‘architecturally designed’ before making a substantial investment in development.

Comparative price shopping

Once you have a Redprint™ for your project, you are in a position to request costings from multiple developers. Your Redprint™ provides the detail of build requirements that ensures that everyone is quoting for the same job. In short, this allows you to compare ‘apples with apples.’

Managing expectations

As an investor, you have become skeptical (if not cynical) of what you are told about the cost of software development. Those who approach you for investment capital will often ‘low ball’ the real cost of software development, either because they don’t understand the actual costs or they are afraid of you having ‘sticker shock.’ The reality is as an investor you have more respect for those who tell you the truth about the real costs and timelines of development. Redprint™ provides you with a much more accurate and dependable scope of the works, time and cost of software development, allowing you to make a more informed decision.

Faster returns on your investment

You want to see some return on your investment as soon as possible. You don’t want to go to market with a software solution that doesn’t deliver a benefit but you also don’t want to keep investing is a solution with ‘feature creep.’ What you want is something in the middle. This is where Redgum’s experience in commercialising software is invaluable. As part of the Redprint™ scoping process, Redgum can advise you on the minimum commercialisation model for your software. This allows your end user to benefit from the most important aspects of your software faster. You also get to market faster with a smaller investment.