As a Franchise owner, you want to develop software that captures the essence of your business model and increases the value of your brand. You achieve this by building in feedback loops that include customers, Franchisees, your management team and suppliers. By integrating these processes into your own custom software, your customers and network instantly benefit from these changes.

Making your Franchise model scalable

Custom software development holds the promise of infinite scalability. It removes some of the greatest cost and impediments in expanding your Franchise model. Redgum works with you to create the online systems and methodologies that allow you to retain the integrity of your business model, no matter how far or fast you wish to expand.

As your Franchisee model adapts, so should your software

Unlike out of the box solutions, Redgum works with clients to develop software solutions that reflect the ever-changing need of markets. As a Franchisor, you want to be able to adapt quickly to a changing market, by adapting your business model or the products and services you provide. The slower you are able to respond to changing conditions, the greater the cost to you and your Franchisees.

Redgum provides you with access to Redprint™, which is a software development environment that allows you to respond quickly to everything from changing market conditions, changes to your Franchisee model and customer feedback. Equally important, Redgum delivers a service model that works within your budget constraints, ensuring that you never spend more than you need to.

Capturing your business IP

As a Franchise, much of your market value resides in your IP. Capturing your IP allows you to protect and add value to your business. Redgum’s Redprint™ process lets you document your custom software, adding value and protecting it from others.