As an executive, you are preoccupied with driving efficiency and creating opportunity. By partnering with Redgum, you can achieve both. Redgum works with clients to build custom software solutions, designed to streamline how organisations engage with their people and their customers.

Outsourcing vs. Insourcing

Do you increase the amount of internal resources to manage your software development needs, or do you simply outsource them? Both have their benefits. Both have their challenges. Redgum provides a software development project environment that delivers the potential efficiencies and experience of an outsourced IT team, as well as the control and management of an in-house team. Redprint™ is a proprietary inclusive software development environment that decodes the software development process, allowing managers and executives to remain in control of the software development projects.

Access the very best people, but only as you need them

Redgum employs only the cream of the software development sector. As a client, you have access to these resources but only pay for them as needed. Not only does this help manage overheads, but it also ensures that the best people are always working on your software. It also allows you to schedule your software development, maintenance and evolution in line with available resources.

Exceed expectations

The best way to exceed expectations is to manage expectations. If you know how long it really takes to make upgrades to your software, then you are in a better position to match or exceed them. The same applies to budgeting. Redgum’s unique approach allows you to monitor and manage software projects with a clear and realistic understanding of what is involved, how long it takes and how much it costs. With Redgum and Redprint™ you will never be in the dark again.