You may have an idea for a great software solution. You may believe that your idea will revolutionise how people work, live, play or shop, however until you have a workable solution, your great idea is just that…‘a great idea.’ Redgum is in the business of turning great software ideas into great software.

Where do you start?

Redgum are more than software developers. Their experience in the software development and commercialisation space makes them the ideal advisors on how to take your software to market, but before they do that, they can provide you with an accurate, professional scoping document that you can provide to potential investors.

Attracting investment capital

Investors are naturally cynical of the pitches made for software development. If they have invested in this space in the past, they have (most likely) experienced the increasing costs, time blowouts and disappointing returns on their investments.

What they demand from those pitching for investment is business acumen. Informed investors will be looking for investment models where they have a software product in the market as soon as possible, with the lowest possible investment. This could take the form of a ‘proof of concept’ or a ‘minimum commercialisation model.’ Redgum can provide the scoping documents, costing’s and timelines that build confidence around your investment model.

Managing investor expectations

Rarely will need a single round of investment for your software project and investors will never give you an open cheque. Your funding will probably be ‘milestone’ based. Redgum’s Redprint™  development environment allows you to develop your software in stages, reflecting critical milestones and available funding. It also captures the IP of your software and permits a reporting format that is easy for investors to understand.

Exceeding end user expectations

Once you have your product in the market, it will need to continue to evolve to meet end user expectations. Your end users provide you with the best insights to develop your software to make it more valuable and ‘stickier.’ Redgum provides an ongoing development budgeting model that allows your software to continue to improve.

Capturing your IP

Few Entrepreneurs don’t develop a project without some exit strategy in mind. As a software Entrepreneur, you are probably looking to a strategic acquisition or IPO as an exit strategy. These options are only practical if you have captured and protected your IP. Redgum’s Redprint™ process helps you capture, document and protect your software IP, ensuring you maximise the value of your business.