Customer service

Having your voice heard

Customer service is at the coalface of any business. You are the first to learn of any problems with your software, and you are better positioned than almost anyone else in your organisation to drive the incremental changes that will have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction. It then goes without saying that a software development, maintenance and evolutionary environment that allows your voice to be heard will deliver the best possible outcomes for your customers. This is the promise of Redprint™.

Improved customer service

No matter how much you test your software, your customers will always unearth problems or provide suggestions on how it can be improved. Having a development methodology that improves your ability to respond to your customers’ questions and requests in a timely manner can only improve your customer service levels. This is the certainty that Redprint™ and Redgum provide.

Using customer feedback to improve your software

The best source of information for upgrading your software is customer feedback. The speed and accuracy at which you can implement these upgrades to your software are greatly enhanced when working with Redprint™ and Redgum. Redprint™ allows you to record the required changes and prioritise development. The Redgum team can then coordinate the implementation and testing of these changes to meet with required timelines.