Board member

As a board member, your interest in software development is a return on investment and risk mitigation. You need visibility and reporting over your investment. You need to be sure that the software that you are developing delivers on its promise and creates minimal interruption to your business. You also need to make sure that your software is not exposing your business to other risk factors. Redgum’s Redprint™ project management solution provides you with the transparency, reporting, and control that ensure you always remain in control of your software development project.

Capturing your IP

Your custom software is an essential part of your business model. It provides you with a competitive advantage. You need to ensure that you capture and protect this idea. You also need to be sure that your software is secured and that in the event that anyone (either within your organisation or externally) tries to exploit your IP, that you have the appropriate documentation to prove ownership. Redgum’s Redprint™ provides such certainty.

Reduce risk

As a director, risk is everywhere. The digital business environment has the potential of amplifying risk, which is why it’s important to work with an organisation such as Redgum. Redgum’s professionalism and local presence automatically lower your risk profile. Their proprietary software development management solution further reduces risk by providing additional layers of security and approval. Couple this with a staged and detailed development process and you have a software development environment optimised to reduce risk.