How we bring your software ideas to life

The process and methodology behind the way we work

Victor Hugo once said, “No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come.” Redgum’s goal is to help you make your software ideas a reality. The following is a brief insight into how this process works.

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  • Ideation

The most powerful contribution Redgum can make to your software project is when you’re still forming your ideas. Redgum’s extensive experience allows you to bypass many of the initial missteps that happen in software development, providing you with insights on how to refine (and sometimes redesign) your business and operational model. In addition to providing the technology that underpins your software, Redgum can also provide additional insights into legal, security and IP issues that you may not have considered.

  • High-Level Design
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Once you have settled on the software, business and operation model you want to progress with, the next step becomes high-level design. This is where Redgum utilises their proprietary Redprint™ software design and management solution. Redprint™ is a design environment that allows the entire project management team to walk stakeholders through the proposed solution. Redprint™ creates visibility around the software design process, by providing screen views, reports and easy to understand workflow processes. This creates a more inclusive environment where stakeholders can contribute to the design before money is invested on programming.

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  • Agile Detailed Design and Build

One of the main reasons software projects stall is because no one is quite sure where to start. The first 2 stages provide you with a priority list of where you need to make your initial investment. The Agile Detailed Design and Build stage allows for priority software assets to be built in short cycles. These short cycles allow projects to build momentum in line with available resources. This approach also makes it more practical for projects to adapt to changing environments or demands, as well as take products to market faster.

  • Maintain and Evolve
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Research indicates that 66% of software projects experience cost and schedule overruns.* This outcome is avoidable, with proper planning and management. Redgum provides you with Redprint™, a solution designed to provide you with complete control over your investment. Redprint™ and the Redgum team ensure your system is properly maintained and continues to evolve to meet your needs and the needs of stakeholders. This is all made possible with the support of a large team of local, highly qualified and experienced developers who are committed to your projects ongoing success.

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