Custom software development – Your competitive advantage

For businesses looking to build and sustain a competitive edge in either a new or established market, nothing beats custom software.

‘In one line’ why should I invest in custom software?’

In short, custom software can be the difference in providing a commoditised service offering a unique service at a better price.

‘Why is custom software development a better proposition?’

Custom software development allows organisations to build and sustain a competitive advantage. Off the shelf software does not. No matter how you adapt an off the shelf software solution, you end up shoehorning your business to fit the software. Custom software is the other way around. You design and build the software to reflect your current or ideal business model.

‘What’s the ROI for custom software development?’

The ROI on custom software is relatively easy to define and measure. The first benefit is increased productivity. Software that is developed specifically with your needs in mind allows your team to work faster and smarter.

Another benefit is a competitive advantage. If your competition has access to the same off-the-shelf software as you, it isn’t a competitive advantage. Custom software allows you to build and enhance your competitive edge. With custom software you always have the chance to continue to evolve your software to suit your changing and expanding business model, with minimal interruption to business.

Another advantage of custom software development comes with partnering with an advance development team such as Redgum. Once you have engaged Redgum, the sky’s the limit on what can be achieved. Redgum enables you to sustain a competitive advantage for a modest investment, ensuring minimal business interruption, allowing your business model to become more nimble and preventing software obsolesces.

In a financial sense, when using Redgum’s advanced development methodologies, you can begin to see a return and results much faster than is possible with other development models.

‘How do I know when I should be looking at a custom software development project?’

Do you have multiple software systems that need work together? Do the limitations of your existing software require your people to make time-consuming workarounds or repeat tasks? Do your people complain about your software? Is your customer-facing software frustrating customers? Are you controlling your software, or does your software vendor controlling you? These are just a few of the warning signs that you need to develop your own software.

‘Isn’t off the shelf a faster and cheaper option?’

This may have been true 20 years ago, but not today. The cost of implementing enterprise level software can be much more than 7 times the cost of the original software. Because the implementers of off the shelf software are working with predefined, inflexible ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions, it is often more expensive, time-consuming and limiting to ‘fit’ off-the-self business software than it is to build it from scratch.

Custom software development is cheaper, faster and more accessible than ever before

A custom software project can reach a commercialisation model in as little as 3 months, with as little as a $50,000 investment. A full roll out of custom software developed by Redgum has usually paid for itself and making a significant benefit to an organisations bottom line in 2 years. And let’s not forget, when you build your own software, you don’t pay ongoing licensing fees.