Online platform

We engaged Redgum to develop the BlueQ platform and to assist us in taking it to market. When we approached Redgum, my co-founder and I had no experience building out a tech platform; all we had was an idea and a go-to-market strategy.

I must say that Redgum exceeded all expectations and we attribute a lot of our early success to their guidance and expertise. Their team were understanding, patient, informative and spoke in a language that helped us all communicate clearly with one another. They were also transparent on timelines and budget which were critical in ensuring we achieved our milestones off the investment capital that we had raised.

Furthermore, once BlueQ was live, they went above and beyond in helping us transition into our own tech company. They took the time to educate our in-house tech team on the platform and illustrated that they had our best interests at heart the whole way through the project.

I would highly recommend Redgum to any organisation or startup that is looking for a development agency that has a refreshing blend of honesty, transparency and experience. We are very proud to now have thousands of users on our platform and this was only possible due to the efforts of the team at Redgum.



Nathan Merzvinskis – CEO, BlueQ