Australian Grand Prix Corporation

Credentials Online Upgrade

The Australian Grand Prix Corporation had a Credentials Online System that needed a major facelift and process overhaul to allow stakeholders to navigate through the system easily and with fewer complications. Having already established a long and prosperous working relationship with Redgum, they were approached to revitalize the look and feel of the database and make the system a lot more user-friendly.
From start to finish Redgum’s friendly and attentive service ensured me that the project was on track and that I was happy with the changes being made. The user-friendly public interface pages that Redgum designed are professional looking and easy to navigate through. The upgrades of the back end processes and information was efficient and effective and made the administration of the system easy and functional.
Since going public with new system, Redgum have always been on hand for the smooth implementation and data support. The Australian Grand Prix Corporation have had only positive feedback about the revitalised system and has commended the user-friendly functionality and ease of credential applications.


Tom Mottram – Credentials Coordinator