Australian Associated Press

News coverage planning tool 

Australian Associated Press had an urgent need to get a news coverage planning tool for our reporters and for our customers in a matter of months. Given its strong reputation among news media companies who utilise Redgum’s advertising booking software, it was rightly considered a good fit for the project. Starting with scoping, we were able to hit the ground running because of Redgum’s understanding of newsroom needs and the nature of a deadline-driven environment. We quickly got into the thick of the requirements and on the way to prototyping thanks to some excellent wireframes that were very close to the mark and straightforward development agreement that was devoid of ambiguity.

Responsiveness and proactiveness were definitely standout attributes of AAP’s engagement with Redgum. We were able to implement a solution in pretty rapid time thanks to the Agile framework. The ongoing support and maintenance of the software has been satisfying to date and we would definitely consider Redgum for future software needs.



Brook Thomas – Chief Technology Officer, Australian Associated Press