Software development that fills an obvious need

Sometimes there is such an obvious need for a specialist software solution; it only takes someone with the industry knowledge and resources to make it a reality. That someone may be you.

Turning industry knowledge into a software solution

As they say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention.’ Those working in a specific industry, desiring to solve a problem they deal with every day, have developed many of the best inventions throughout history. In the digital era, much of this industry-specific innovation focuses on software development. This has become so commonplace that major software brands now provide ‘ecosystems’ to integrate these specialists solutions back into their software solutions. The chances are that you have such an idea, and you only need the support of someone like Redgum to make it a reality.

The business of software development

Redgum doesn’t just build the software; they design the business model around the software to fit it into your target market. This business acumen and decades of experience helping clients commercialise their solutions is your competitive edge.

Ready made markets are the best environments to launch new software

Many people may have great ideas for software solutions, but they don’t really understand their end users. They also don’t definitively know if there is a need for their software. You are different. You know your industry, inside and out. You know the challenges and the benefits your solution can deliver. You only need to crystallise your ideas into a testable software solution. Redgum’s Blueprint™ solution is designed to help you design and workflow your software solution, from your seed of an idea, through to commercialisation.

Software to build your competitive advantage

Sometimes the software you want to develop is just to solve a problem or increase the efficiency of your business. In these cases, you intend to fund your software development. To justify this investment, you need to build a case study. You may already know what the benefits will be to your business of such a solution. What you don’t know is how much it will cost to build such a solution, and how long it will take. Redgum’s Blueprint™ solution will help you scope out every aspect of your software, allowing you to have an accurate assessment of the resource requirements before you commit to the project.

Software to solve industry-wide needs

Sometimes you have a software idea that can revolutionise an entire industry sector. It may also have global implications. If this is your goal, you want to make sure you have a solution that delivers on its promise before you take it industry wide. Redgum’s Blueprint™ solution helps you reduce the risk associated with commercialising new software by providing you with a roadmap to a minimum commercialisation mode. Blueprint™ allows you to stage development in line with critical timelines, available resources, and other important milestones. This staged approach allows you to test each stage of your development and commercialise your software sooner.

‘Do I need to be a software expert to develop software?’

The short answer is no. You don’t have to be a tax expert to minimise tax. You simply work with trusted professionals. In the software space, this is Redgum. Redgum has spent 20 years working with clients with ideas just like yours. Almost none of them had experience developing software before they began working with Redgum. For many of these clients, their software has become their unique competitive advantage, or it has become their core business.

All you need is the idea, the industry knowledge and the resources to fund your software development. Redgum provides the software development know-how, the systems, process and people to make your solution a reality. Redgum’s business acumen that only comes from developing and commercialising their own software.