Redprint™ for software Project Rescue

When a software project runs off the rails, it can be devastating. The loss of confidence and faith in your previous software development team can taint the way you see all developers. That’s completely understandable. However, you still need to finish what you started.

Diagnosing your current software solution

You’ve been unlucky. You’ve had a bad experience, and that experience should influence how you move forward. You need to be more cautious about how you proceed and who you work with, but before you even start to entertain the idea of another development team, you first need to know how far your software has progressed to date. This is where Redprint™ can help.

Redprint™ is a review process that provides you with a comprehensive understand of how far your software development project has progressed. It also provides you with an independent evaluation of what is required to finish your solution.

Are you better to start from scratch or fix what you have?

This is a question that needs to be asked. Some software development projects are so flawed that it’s much more cost-effective and faster to start from scratch, however in saying this, most projects can be saved. You just need to know which category you fit into. Redprint™ can provide you with this understanding.

The fastest path to market

By the time you realise that your project has been derailed, your release date has already gone out the window. Your goal now is to win back the confidence of stakeholders and investors with the most cost effective and practical plan possible to release your software to the market. Redprint™ can provide you with a stage development process that reflects both your funding and timing requirements. Redprint™ can even identify out of the box solutions that reduce your requirement to develop custom software.

Winning back the confidence of your people

Rightly or wrongly, a derailed software development project reflects poorly on you. It undermines people’s confidence in your ability to deliver on your promises. You need to earn back that confidence and Redprint™ is the first step in that process.