Software life cycle extension

Technology moves fast. Software is often left in the wake of such advancements. If you’ve made substantial investments in your software, you want to extend its life as long as it is practical. Unfortunately, at some point, further investment will deliver diminishing returns. Redprint™ can help you understand where you are in your software life cycle.

Understand where your software is in its life cycle

Understanding where your software is in its life cycle is one of the most powerful ways of preventing business disruption. It also provides you with an opportunity to plan well in advance for solution upgrade or even software replacement. A Redprint™ review of software will give you this clarity.

Extend your software’s lifecycle

Sometimes the path to extending the life cycle of your software is relatively simple. Other times it becomes a major project. Sometimes you need either out of the box or custom bridging software to extend your solution for years to come. Redprint™ will help you understand what options are available. The Redprint™ process compares your software against users needs, taking into consideration current advances in technology Redprint™ then provides a clear roadmap, with associated timelines and resource requirements, allowing you to make informed choices.