The benefits of Redprint™ for existing software

If you’ve already made a substantial investment in your existing software solution, then you will always be looking for new ways to improve the return on your investment. The gains you are looking for generally fit into 5 categories; efficiency, control, transparency, scalability and integration.

Redprint™  provides a common reference point for understanding and management of your software development. Redprint™ delivers the peace of mind that comes with a centralised, more inclusive development environment.

Improve efficiency

The promise of custom software development is greater efficiency; sometimes organisations lose sight of this goal. If your software is only achieving part of its efficiency potential, Redprint™ can help.

The Redprint™ review and reporting process can reveal process and workflow inefficiencies, as well as provide a clear development path to realise the full potential of your software.

Increase control

Does your current software allow you to properly monitor who has access to key information about your organisation? Do you have an auditable trail on users and processes? Do you have the alerts and approval processes that inform managers and place control where it needs to be? Redgum’s Redprint™ process provides you with an opportunity to review business critical software solutions to understand gaps in control and security. Redprint™ also provides clear documentation on what is required to bring software up to standard and compliance, as well as costing and time schedules.

Greater transparency

One of the most popular buzzwords of the business software world is Business Intelligence. In its simplest form, Business Intelligence is a technology and data-driven process of providing key decision makers with the information they need to make an informed decision. Organisations depend more and more on their systems to provide these actionable insights, whether they are in the form of sophisticated reporting functionality or easy to understand dashboards.

Chances are your existing software already has invaluable insights that can help you better manage your business and business processes; you just need the functionality to unlock this information. Redgum’s Redprint™ process can help you create a roadmap from where your software is today, to where you want it to be. By simply knowing what questions you need answers to, along with a review of your current software, Redprint™ can provide you with development roadmap to deliver the Business Intelligence and transparency that you desire.

Improve scalability

Do you need to make your existing software more scalable? Is data throttling reducing the efficacy of users and creating frustration? Do you want to run remote offices and does your current software make it impractical?

Redprint™ allows you to scope out your needs and test them against your current software. Redprint™ also provides a roadmap, with timelines and resource allocations that fit both your needs and budget.

Redprint™ can also define out of the box solutions to bridge gaps, as well as provide a roadmap to make your current software web enabled or move it to the Cloud.

In some cases, the most efficient path to scaling your software solution is to start from scratch. In these cases, Redprint™ will help you understand the limitations of your current solution and provide you with a roadmap for replacement.

Software integration

The holy grail of business software is a ‘single source of truth.’ Managers and CEO’s dream of a day when all of their software solutions integrate seamlessly, providing a 360 of their organisations. When this happens, and they can access actionable information, they are then in a position to steer their organisations to peak efficiency. The problem with this is that most organisations use more than one piece of software. Most organisations are forced to use multiple tasks or industry specific software solutions that were never designed to work together. Redprint™ has the power to change all of this.

If you are looking to integrate multiple software solutions, Redprint™ is the first step in achieving this outcome. Redgum’s Redprint™ process can map each system you currently use, allowing your IT or project team to work with Redgum to define integration points and develop a scoping document for enterprise-wide software system integration.