Software development business cases

Do you really understand your software?

Do you really understand your software and how it’s been designed? Do you have a clear understanding of the resource requirements to bring your software to life? Do you have a clearly defined process and timeline to update your existing software? Every project manager will tell you, the greater intelligence you have going into a project, the higher the returns at the end. Redprint™ provides you with this intelligence.



Many software development projects fail because of poor communication. Even more projects experience cost and schedule overruns for the same reason. Redprint™ has been designed to break down these barriers and provide clear communications between project managers, key stakeholders and your Redgum development team.


Redprint™ is a web-based collaborative software design documentation solution intended to decode the software development process. Redprint™ provides a comprehensive, yet easy to understand view of your software development project and process, no matter where you are in the development cycle.


Redprint™ provides you with a 360° of your software as it is today. Once you have this view you are then better positioned to decide whether it is more practical to recover, extend or replace your software. Redprint™ then allows you to scope out delivery requirements, providing you with a project management environment that ensures your team always remains in control and makes informed decisions.

Software that fills
an obvious need

It is said that ‘No one can stop an idea whose time has come.’ If you have such an idea that can only be realised by building custom software, Redgum is the development team who can bring your idea to market in time to maximise your first-mover advantage.

The benefits of Redprint™
for existing software

Redprint™ provides a common reference point for understanding and management of your software development. Redprint™ delivers the peace of mind that comes with a centralised, more inclusive development environment. Redprint™ provides efficiency, control, transparency, scalability, and integration of your software development program.

Software development
for Franchises

Custom software development allows you to capture and commercialise the essence of your Franchise business. Along with capturing your IP, custom software development allows you to improve engagement and value with both Franchisees and customers. Redgum provides a software development environment that both captures your existing business and enables ongoing evolution.

Extend lifecycle of
existing software

At some point, all software reaches a point where further investments produce diminishing returns. You need to know when to ‘turn off the tap’ and go back to the drawing board, with a solution that will carry you into the future. Redprint™ provides you with these insights.

Scoping for
replacement software

You’ve put an extraordinary amount of time and resources into your current software solution, but you understand it’s coming to the end of its lifecycle. The thought of having to start from scratch is exhausting. What if you could take the learning’s and IP of your current system and transfer them to a replacement solution? What if you use this knowledge to improve efficiency? That’s the potential of Redprint™.

Stabilise your current
software solution

Is the reliability of your current software your organisation’s ‘weak link?’ Do you know that you need to make upgrades (either large or small), but are terrified that if you ‘pull on that thread,’ your entire system (and business) could unravel? Before you listen to anyone about updating your software, make sure you first stabilise it. Redprint™ can provide you with a roadmap to system stabilisation.

The benefits of Redprint™
for software Project Rescue

When a software project goes completely off the rails, and you are forced to find a new developer, your biggest challenge will always be understanding the legacy of your previous developers. Your previous developer either didn’t provide documentation or the documentation provided cannot be trusted. You need to understand how to proceed from this point and Redprint™ can help.

The benefit of Redprint™
for Software Startups

As a startup, resources are limited…very limited. You may have enough resources to show a ‘proof of concept’ to potential investors. You may only have the resources to demonstrate your solution on paper. In either case Redprint™ provides the types of project documentation that helps investors take your investment proposal seriously.