Who are Redgum?

Software developers who listen and speak your language

Software development is all about people and communication. Software projects succeed or fail based on the people involved and their ability to communicate. Good software developers will actively listen to what you need. Great software developers will use their unique knowledge and experience to exceed your expectations. Exceptional developers will go even further and help you redefine the parameters, with the aim of delivering even greater returns on investment. Redgums mission is always to strive for the exceptional.


Our Story

Like many start up stories, the Redgum story began at college when four Swinburne college friends (Robin Vessey, Matt White, Matt Richardson and Andrew Bickerton) found a focus for their passion. The commercial software solution the team developed remained in place for 9 years and has only been superseded by another Redgum solution. The lessons of this first project, and an unwillingness to accept existing software development paradigms has fueled an organisation-wide focus on the science and engineering of software for business. This focus lifts Redgum from the role of ‘just another software developer’ to a true software development partner.


More than our collective experience

Experience means little unless there is a way to capture it. Redgum has used its software development skills to capture its institutional memory. A solution such as Redprint™ is just one example of how Redgum has captured its 20 years of project management.

The transmission of institutional memory informs every aspect of the scoping, building, project and budget management process Redgum uses on every project, for every client. These processes deliver the predictability and accountability you need, as well as the innovation and creativity you desire. These processes drive the ongoing dialogue necessary to develop software and ensure its continued relevance.


Our libraries

When engaging with Redgum, you have access to more than an exceptional team of developers. You also have access to more than two decades of accumulated IP. 

In short this IP is an accumulation of experiences and code libraries that allow you to reduce the need to develop new code. These libraries have all been tested in ‘real world’ situations, helping to lower the cost, time and risk related to building new code from the ground up. Instead of learning from the mistakes of others, you directly benefit from unique source code and solutions developed and owned by Redgum.


Our Leaders

Robin Vessey

Managing Director

Matt White

Technical Director

Daniel Findley

Head of Implementation 

Scott Rapsey

Lead Programmer
Dip I.T. (Software Development)